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HUBSCRUB is an automated, durable medical equipment (DME) cleaning system, that cleans, rinses and disinfects in 6 minutes.

It is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting wheelchairs, commodes, toilet frames, shower seats, carts, over-bed tables and more.

With UV, it can efficiently clean almost all mobility and DME effectively against infectious pathogens like C-Diff, MRSA and CRE.


Variety of Equipment

HUBSCRUB is more than a wheelchair washer. Its proven design has a rotating spray arm for 360 coverage and under spray that makes it effective for all shapes of durable equipment.

Removes Pathogens

HUBSCRUB systems have been confirmed through independent testing to disinfect equipment that reduces the most dangerous pathogens, through UV, ready to use and concentrate disinfectants.


HUBSCRUB’s automated technology, washing, rinsing and high-level disinfection using UV, can be done in six minutes. Don't wear yourself out, let us take care of it.


HUBSCRUB works with multiple different attachments such as sprayers, baskets and more. We will provide you with ramps and waterproof rugs to make things easy.

Environmentally Conscious

HUBSCRUB uses environmentally friendly detergents that are made right here in New Zealand. It also uses less than a total of 16 litres of water for cleaning and rinsing.


HUBSCRUB is the lightest unit for cleaning durable medical equipment and is built for mobility and built to last. HUBSCRUB can be transported and moved around multiple buildings and rooms.

Easy to use

HUBSCRUB comes with a touchscreen so you will be able to use its features with ease. It has loaded manuals and diagnoses itself meaning you will never run into trouble and have help on hand.

Why Choose Us

We will provide you with the HUBSCRUB machine and all the necessary training and servicing as well as the correct detergents.

On-site inspection.

Meeting assessments.

Environmently friendly detergents.

Machine support.

About Us

We have been working with assistive technology for more than 36 years.

Hiring out assistive products to consumers is one of the services we provide day to day. We have never been comfortable including bathroom and toileting equipment in our hire service, without having an effective and safe contamination control solution.

It was important to us to find a well researched, proven and reliable solution that exceeds industry regulations and health and safety requirements.

We searched internationally to find HUBSCRUB which offers us the most sophisticated solution on the market. It has been successfully used in the USA for over 25 years.

We are delighted to be able to offer HUBSCRUB to New Zealand and Australia.

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