HUBSCRUB Machine with a wheelchair inside being cleaned


The Ultimate Equipment Cleaning And Infection Control Solution

HUBSCRUB is an automated equipment cleaning process to assist and enhance your infection control programmes.

HUBSCRUB allows you to completely clean and decontaminate wheelchairs, commodes, toilet frames, shower chairs, carts, trolleys, over-bed tables and more within 6 minutes. 

HUBSCRUB’s patented cleaning and decontamination system includes state of the art UV technology and allows for multiple pieces of equipment to be cleaned at the same time, significantly reducing costs.

HUBSCRUB is perfect for hospitals, aged care and suppliers of assistive products.



Effective and thorough decontamination within 6 minutes.

Reduce costs

As an automated system, HUBSCRUB efficiently uses water and chemicals, saving you labour costs in the process.

Equipment Compatibility

With a rotating spray arm and under spray, HUBSCRUB is effective for all shapes of equipment.


With a range of attachments available, HUBSCRUB becomes the right fit for various activities.


Built for mobility, HUBSCRUB can be moved around buildings and rooms and is easily installed.


With loaded manuals and the ability to self-diagnose, you will always have help on hand.

See It In Action


It gives you a very effective consistent cleaning regime, particularly for your toileting bathroom equipment which is basically what we use it for.
Paul Halley
Team Leader at Enable New Zealand
From a financial and staff utilization perspective, labor savings is significant when you compare manual labor time to automation. Automation is the right tool to do the tedious, repetitive, non-interesting job and at the same time frees up the operator for something which has greater employee satisfaction, efficiency and increased productivity.
Karl Soderquist
President at The HUBSCRUB Company
Really good, optimizing our cleaning process!
Victor Rodriguez
Operations Manager at Leef Australia
A group of men standing around the HUBSCRUB Machine